Destination weddings in Sanara hotel Tulum.

Wedding is a celebration of love. Two people unite to walk hand in hand through the life road, which will be filled with pluses and minuses, good and bad moments, laugh and tears. But as long as you have your soul mate close with you, who will support you no matter what happens, you will be able to pass through the bad times and enjoy up to the fullest the good one.

One of the big days for every family is the wedding day. And I dont need to tell you how important this day is for every couple. Nowadays we have many opportunities to celebrate the wedding day the most outstanding way. Some couples will prefer to make a wedding the classy way, while others will go for the new, trendy options of wedding celebration. One of such option is a destination wedding on the beach.

Among all the places available for a destination wedding there are some that stand out and one of these places is Tulum Mexico.

The beaches and an absolutely unique atmosphere, created by pristine nature and eco hotels organically infused into it, is the most distinctive Tulum feature.

As you can guess being a popular destination for weddings, Tulum has many places available to hold and organize your party. And there is one special place located in the cabanas hotel zone that we would like to tell you about. You can ask why? Simply because it is a new stylish hotel that apart from a gorgeous location and design has several unique spots to make a wedding ceremony. The name of the hotel is Sanara. They offer a choice between 10 Tamarind Suites, 4 Sanara Jungle rooms and 3 gorgeous Plum Suites, which are located in the Sanara’s beach garden slightly back from the beachfront. We met with Lauriane who is also in charge of the wedding planning in Sanara and she told us about the philosophy behind the Sanara’s weddings. Below you can read the interview.

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Why did you decide to start organizing weddings?

Sanara Tulum is such a beautiful place that is why we want to offer our place to celebrate one of the most important moment of the life.

How can you describe you venue in several words?

Elegant, magical, exclusive, luxury.

Do you have different locations for the wedding ceremonies? Can you describe them?

We are able to do ceremony on the beach in front of our Yoga studio, on the rooftop of the wellness centre which is a stunning rooftop with an incredible view ( up to 50 pax), yoga studio ( also use as a backup plan, up to 80 people).

How many rooms are in the hotel? And how many people can you accommodate?

We have a total of 17 rooms ( 2 apartments, 4 Jungle Rooms, 10 Tamarinds Room and 1 three bedrooms villa).  We can accommodate between 50 to 65 people).

What are the requirements for booking a wedding with your venue?

Normally we require the buy out for 3 nights but if it is a Small wedding of 20 people we can be flexible.

What other amenities have the hotel?

You have amenities in your room and we offer 15% discount at the spa for guests during the wedding and free massage for the couple.

What kind of cuisine is served in your restaurant?

Our menu offers dishes based on some nutritious food and energy ensuring the quality and freshness. They are prepared at the time . Combine our 5 great gluten , no dairy , no , more refined sugar and processed organic coconut with flour , cheese , milk and yogurt.

What is the best advice that you can give every bride who is planning a destination wedding in Mexico?

That they are in the right place to have a wonderful wedding in a paradise.


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