Be there to enjoy, Be Tulum weddings.

It will be a story about Be Tulum wedding venue but first let’s remember some special details that make Tulum one of the most popular wedding destinations. The vast snow white beaches outlined by the fusion of hotels with palm trees on one side and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea on the other side. The absence of the sublime buildings so habitual for the megapolises, here in Tulum are replaced with one or two storied authentic hotels. The nights seems to be profoundly dark here but warm and brightly high lightened with artificial lights coming from candles and torch in the hotels.

And there is one place in Tulum that shines the most unique way. This place was before mentioned at the beginning of the story  –  Be Tulum, which is the part of the hotels chain BeHoteles that also includes Be Playa del Carmen and Nomade Tulum. BeTulum is the high end adult only boutique hotel located at the end of the cabanas zone. And already for 6 years they are making happy all the guests of the hotel.

Be Tulum weddings are for those of you who are looking for a gorgeous way of celebrating their destination wedding. The hotel requires the minimum of 3 night booking and can accommodate up to 100 people. The parties are allowed until 11 p.m. Be Tulum wedding cost starts from 45.000 US dollars. They can organize civil, mayan, spiritual, hindu, Persian wedding ceremonies. And in case if you are interested in a catholic ceremony the wedding planner at Be Tulum – Laura can help to organize it but only in the chapel in Playa del Carmen, just because the priests here don’t arrive to the beach. Laura has a great experience in organizing weddings and told us that Be Tulum is very famous for it’s environment that can be described as simple, chic and elegant. She loves her job and pointed out what makes this job so special for her: give people the best experience; share the love that inspires the union of families and friends; make someone’s dream come true. During our conversation she kindly shared with us one tip about destination weddings: first of all you need to make a good research about the everything and everyone you are interested and upon choosing Be Tulum wedding service trust her expertise and be prepared to enjoy your fabulous wedding day.

And by the way if you are interested in traveling to Cuba you can also ask Laura about it. She can assist you with planning trip to this unique place.


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Photos by: Elena Fedorova photography

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